Anne As A Coach

"... (Anne) doesn't pretend it's going to be easy. She knows that hard work, in spite of setbacks, leads to success. Through her calming confidence building approach, Anne facilitated and supported the change I was seeking. Anne is a life changer..."

 Tamena Powers, Owner at Powers & Co. and Host of MoMondays Edmonton

" ...I needed to figure out where I was and where I wanted to go. Really feeling heard and understood, Anne kept me focused with tailored "assignments" so I could understand where I was struggling. Learning about my Platinum Rule® profile type was the first step in acknowledging who I was and how I related to others..."

Christine Smith, Small Business Advisor at Woodstock & Area Small Business Enterprise Centre

"Anne is very professional, gracious and classy - yet doesn't put on airs and is so very grounded.  I've walked away having learned something new - applicable, easy to remember, practical knowledge - each time I've had a conversation with her.  I find myself reflecting on her words and applying her advice at the most useful times. She is someone to look up to and model after..."

Karen Geerts, Director at Oxford County Chapter - Power of HOPE Community Organization

"Over a 30 year span, Anne has consistently delivered a collaborative experience with a growth mindset, bringing both her sound knowledge of customer-focused strategies and on the importance of customer feed back. In discussing general business & planning strategies, Anne has proven herself to be a trusted partner, with top-notch business acumen and a plethora of insights on sustaining business growth and retention. Always a pleasure to work with ..."

Gordon Box, President of Gordon Box Consulting Inc., & Transport Trailer Sales Inc. Associate

"...her coaching style is stealth-like yet to the point. Anne is invested in learning about you and that makes her effective in pinpointing where a change would be beneficial so that reaching goals - especially defining them - will help keep you on the focused path. Anne led me to a much needed self-acknowledgement - a much clearer understanding of my strengths - that allowed me to develop the insights required to grow and prosper in all facets of my life."

Patricia Jacob, Financial Security Advisor at Freedom 55 Financial a Division of London Life

"Anne gave me the clarity I needed to see the issues that were self-hindering. Within 6 months, I uncovered my own courage to make decisions, and the tenacity to carry through with those decisions. Her quiet nature made the probing and thought-provoking questions easy to deal with. Some of the life philosophies that I explored with Anne were fundamental to my new perspective. I particularly recommend her as your Platinum Rule®  trainer - this program is a guiding light and, if we have the courage to live by it, enriches the lives of those around us, which circles right back to enrich our own lives."

Gary  Honcoop, TEP