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Anne is entrepreneurial, a visionary leader. She is particularly known as an acknowledged expert in the field of customer care and retention. She is founder and President of The Dunvegan Group Ltd., customer care and retention specialists who help companies grow by building strong, competitor resistant customer relationships.

Anne’s successful company has developed a recognized expertise in the area of customer satisfaction measurement, customer care, and customer retention. As such, you can expect to gain insights on your own ability to set your customer-focused success by indulging in her published books. She is the author of  "Measuring Up! A Guide To Success With Customer Feedback", “The Bottom Line On Customer Retention: It Pays to Care!” and most recently, "Soar to Success with Customer Care!" a book of tips for delivering memorable customer experiences.

Anne has also co-authored “Succeeding in Spite of Everything!”  - a collection of inspirational stories from women of varied experiences, ages and life stages, that demonstrate the power we all have to overcome adversity, and keep ourselves growing!

A certified trainer of the Platinum Rule®, she has successfully integrated its philosophy into her own organization to help build strong bonds with employees and clients alike. Anne is a reputable speaker and mentor; she was a founding member of the International Membership of Professional Advisors, Coaches and Trainers (IMPACT) and the first Canadian Director of the Public Speakers Association (PSA).

Anne has consulted to such major corporations as Ryder, Pitney Bowes Management Services, ENMAX Power and Trailer Wizards Ltd.

With a devotion to advancing women, Anne stands firmly on advocating for and encouraging women to support each other in all endevours. As the host of the "Women of Courage" television series,  Anne facilitated the sharing of stories of challenge and setback, through to triumph as she interviewed amazing women who shared their inspiring stories of significant life challenges, overcoming the obstacles and succeeding in spite of everything!

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As the host of the "la femme TOTALE" radio series, Anne's conversations with women of all ages and stages of life inspire, entertain and encourage women in life, business and relationships.

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As the host of Encouraging Leadership: Conversations to mobilize today's women leaders, Anne discusses with her guests, topics to encourage, and motivate today's women leaders and inspire leaders for the 21st Century. 

For more information on Anne Miner and The Dunvegan Group Ltd. please visit www.dunvegangroup.com.

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