Five Keys to my success as an Entrepreneur, Author and Coach

Nine years after a near death experience, I have found the strength and internal courage to step out and discover who I truly am.

A very difficult journey but one that was extremely necessary.  My journey was one full of pain, loss and self-discovery, and of course…failure.

Today, I am on a path to realizing my life-long dreams; to becoming a successful Entrepreneur, Author and Coach.

Here are my Five Keys that have mobilized me:

  1. Self-Awareness:  Knowing who you truly are, your values, your dreams and your goals help you to live your life as your authentic self, guided by your own code of ethics and personal integrity. 
  2. Reframing:  Once you have identified who you truly are, now is the time to reframe your life. Revive your dreams, set your goals and parameters and hold fast to them. 
  3. Having a Support Network:  A good and solid support network, tribe, mentors, friends and even family provides a strong foundation for growth. 
  4. Education:  Life-long learning is key to keep growing towards your future success.  As you gain competence, your confidence grows.
  5. Courage:  To me, courage is the most important key.  Courage is what gave me the strength to face my fears and embark on this journey in spite of my fears.

Today, I am courageously standing up as a woman who has successfully powered through many traumas and insurmountable adversity in my life.  Because of my Courage, I have achieved my first life-time goal of writing a book.  “A Century of Secrets”  was my healing.  Through writing, I became keenly aware of the many gifts I possess and will now ready to take action. 

My second life-time goal is also coming to fruition.  I am continuing my education.  This time as a Personal Development and Executive Coach.  This will provide me with the confidence, competence and certification to empower present and future generations.

The Five Keys, outlined above, have afforded me the ability to step back and explore who I truly want to be.  Through Reframing, I have discovered a wonderful support network, and eliminated the energy vampires from my life (at times costing me greatly).  To me, education and courage are vital keys to my success.  As I move forward throughout this life I know to be successful, I will every now and then, step to the side and Reevaluate my direction and goals. 

Teresa Syms




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