10 Key Takeaways from the 2014 PSA Conference

So, many of you will know, I spent the last week immersed in the Public Speakers Assoication: The 2014 Conference was fabulous! Both instructional and inspiring!

Here are 10 key takeaways for you! Whether you are a speaker yourself, an author, someone who does business with speakers and authors or simply a person wishing to improve communications with those around you, I am sure you will find something inspiring here!

1. "Never let what you want to say get in the way of what your audience wants to hear." Les Brown on customizing your presentation to your audience.

2. "99% of public speakers have the same purpose, to 'change the world'" - Norma Hollis on why you need to find your own unique way to stand out.

3. "You cannot see the picture, when you are in the frame." Les Brown on why you need a coach who can help you master your voice, facial expression, body language and vocal expression to maximize your impact.

4. " Your book was published by an Independent Publisher - NOT self-published." Jill Lublin on the importance of words in establishing your credibility.

5. "Instead of asking 'What do you do?', ask 'Who do you serve?'. Tell the other person, 'I meet lots of people like that, what should I tell them about you?' " Patty Farmer on changing the conversation to improve your networking connections.

6. "The information age is over; the age of results has arrived." Jane Deuber on the emerging trend she calls "Done for you".

7. "Write your own introduction but remember, the MC may not read all of it - you may need to add the key information during your speech". Katrina Sawa on the reality of MC introductions.

8. "Audience members no longer jump up and run the the back of the room to buy your product. People are very savvy; they are waiting to see if there will be a better offer and/or a better price." Katrina Sawa on why we must move past the "irresistible offer" when making platform presentations.

9. "Your speaker sheet is for event planners and the media; it's purpose is to get you booked to speak! Your Speaker Sheet is NOT a biography of your life, how you serve, a list of every achievement, or a sales pitch." Alicia White on the importance of understanding the purpose of the Speaker Sheet.

10. "Always send your audience to your website - to a splash page where you have ALL your special offers available ... refer to this page when you are being interviewed by media, in your own video etc." Tonya Hofmann on how to track the impact of your speaking engagements (e.g., how many signed up online following your interview or your speech).

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