Women of Courage

Have you noticed that some people are better at facing challenges and set backs than others?

I have observed that one of the reasons some people are overwhelmed by life challenges, and suffer under the weight of difficulties, is that they don't see how it is possible for life to get better. If only we could show them, it is possible!

When I read the stories  in Succeeding in Spite of Everything!, a book that I co-authored in 2012, I thought my challenges were minor by comparison to so many other women. It occurred to me that having women tell their stories through television could inspire so many others.

Together with the help and support of Deb Willert, community producer, and Rogers Community TV, Women of Courage was born. I hope you will watch and learn from these amazing women - women just like you and me - who have succeeded in spite of everything that life loaded them down with!

Here is the first episode with my guest Christine Smith. As a young mother, Christine was diagnosed with kidney disease - hear her story through to kidney transplant.

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