Taking the first step

Welcome to my "Blog"!

The first thing I want to share with you dear reader is my Manifesto of Courage - my public, poetic declaration of  how to engage courage to carry you through difficult times.

I would love to hear your comments, reactions, suggestions ... can you relate? does it uplift you? encourage? empower you?

Please let me know!

Manifesto of Courage: By Anne Miner


When the dark days come,

as they sometimes will,

you feel overwhelmed,

as you struggle uphill.

You feel the doubt and you feel the fear,

that’s the very moment when courage will appear.


It takes great courage to face that fear,

to set it aside and let your thoughts become clear.

Focus your resources, your values and beliefs,

use your imagination to create new possibilities.

Remember you have access to all that you need,

the law of attraction will help you succeed.


All around you others have experienced fear too,

look up and connect so they can encourage and support you.

Your community will help if they are aware,

a smile, a hug, a kind word will show you they care.

In every set back that appears on your way,

there's opportunity to create a new day.


And, when the days look brighter,

as surely they will,

remember the darkness, remember the fear,

when courage emerged to help keep you strong.

Now look for a way to pass your experience along.

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